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New Way to Manage Transactions and Time in Batoi Apps

In a major release to apps, a few important functions have been added to the software. This includes addition of finance and account management dashboard (Ledger Dashboard), time tracking for a ticket (Task, Issue and Discussion) and Timesheet view.

Dec 7, 2019

Handling Your Unique Record Identifiers in Batoi Apps

If you look at the fields in every function like Project, Sale or Order, in Batoi Apps, you will see that it contains an ID or Code field that is a unique identifier or code associated with it, which is used for identifying the record uniquely for a single or multiple Organizational Unit(s) within a Tenant Admin (primary user from the customer side).

Understanding Timelines in Batoi Apps

One of the major functions of tracking and managing a project lies with its timeline (apart from cost and scope). The timelines can be at the level of the ‘project’ or at the level of a ‘task’ within a project. While the project management definitely emphasizes on tracking the timelines, other functions in an organization also require adherence to the timelines – it can be Sale, Order, or any other functions.

Publishing an Event Website is Easy Now

Whether you are planning to host a business event, or a small workshop or a musical or dance program, one of the most important and delicate tasks is to showcase your event information to the audience that allows you to connect with them better. However, if you do not have a dedicated website for your event, you probably are missing out an opportunity to reach people who might be interested in your event. So, to improve your reach, to look professional, and to boost your event brand it is important for you to have an event website.

Using a Domain Name Checker Tool to Check Domain Availability

Your domain name is how your visitors can easily find you online. It is often the first step in getting your website started.

How Would you Set up the Agenda for Your Corporate Event?

If you are planning to organize an event, the agenda is the most important thing to set up as it plays an important role for the attendees to have a look and to decide as to whether to attend the event or not.

Manage Your Documents with Batoi Apps

The document management system is a system designed to track, store, manage, and control the flow of documents and files.
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