DevSecOps automation and business apps to manage organizational data and workflows, digital publishing and promotion.
Solutions and fully-managed services for enterprises to achieve digital transformation and to go cloud-native, to keep digital systems secured.
Open Source
Innovative software at Batoi driven by an open source approach for transparency and interoperability.

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Solutions accross industry verticals using cutting-edge technologies from Batoi and partners.

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TATA Steel
Anugul Sukinda Railway
IPE Global
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“We are very happy with the services from Batoi. We thank Batoi Team for all their support.”
Sachidananda Pattanaik, Reseapro
“Our agency relies on Batoi since 2014 and we host our website. We continue to be impressed with the security and stability...”
Subhashis Tripathy, Sanket Communications
“Batoi cloud platform has a very user friendly and light weight interface...”
Siddharth Mishra, Nest-In (Tata Steel)

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